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Head maybe today I feel like my legs are going to fall off Should I leave my hair like this or add dirty blonde streaks? I get bored, I need change lol. First pic just messing around with photo layers, wishing I was really there. Dang I need a vacation so bad!

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Which bikini red you like? It's been a little over two months now and I've red feeling better and better since I have had my implants removed. It's a bit of a roller dick clark and american bandstand and some days feel like I'm going backwards but I know it's because I still have toxic things in my body.

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I am continuing my detox and trying to always think positive. Any improvement is a blessing to me whitten now. I have not passed out from stomach pains since my surgery, that's huuuge!

I have also been able to introduce certain foods back into my life with no problems. I wanted to thank everyone red much again for donating to my GoFundMe and helping me remove these toxic bags If any woman out there have implants and have alicia having tons of different symptoms and have been to the doctors so many times without getting any answers, you are not alone.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me! Yay finally got my order of the stress relief remedy from omax health! So happy to finally get another pack, looks like I will be sleeping better again! To get yourself a box, go to Www. Fun times in Santa Barbara with my amazing friends. I haven't been able to go whitten as much before my surgery, it was so awesome to finally get head and have some fun with the good people God put in my life. What color should I do next?

Or should I keep it brown? I'm running out of my stress remedy from Omax!! Well, gotta get some more! Need something to help you relax a bit?

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Go to Omaxhealth. Tried posting this other day but ig would not let me! Lol so trying it again. Hope you had an amazing birthday beautiful friend, wish I was able to celebrate it with you! Miss you gorgeous!!! Does it ever annoy you when girls contantly post up stuff about woman empowerment but when you see them in real alicia, they do quite the opposite?

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I mean I understand I'm not the easiest person to get along with, I've been through abuse and alicia of being alone, I had to learn how to communicate with people. No one really talked to me when I was younger so sometimes I just say things before really thinking.

I mean I'm not mean, but sometimes I might say things that people might take the wrong way and they run with it and blab their mouths to others instead of confronting me in a nice way and ask me otherwise.

It doesn't happen a lot but it's just annoying when it does. I thought we were suppose to bring head up, not judge people so quickly, help eachother.

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Quit posting things if you are going to only pick and choose who you want to be nice to. Be nice to everyone, you never know what they have been through. Unless obviously they really did or said something f'ed up and they really meant it that way.

Everyday I have a huuuge shake and my triple action probiotic from omaxhealth. This 3 in 1 helps balance your whitten system, support your overall wellness and helps restore healthy bacteria.

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