Do indian girl masturbate

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'Everybody does it': Young Indian women are refreshingly open about masturbation | Metro News

Do you mean they didn't want to know you girl you asked them? I've had Indian girlfriends, and know for sure that they do masturbate. Like other non-Western cultures, however, Indian women except the urban types can be shy about masturbate.

They often won't talk about it very openly, and to display their own sexual feelings might even be considered cheap or slutty in their setting.

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This is changing with Westernisation making its impact. So global trends apply.

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Well, i'm an indian girl living in india since my birth and yes i do masturbate. And all of the girls do in india like all other girls iut there. We are not ashamed of telling it on your faces but yes some have been brought up like this that all these things should be kept private because of their different cultures.

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Maybe you dated or have known weird dumb girls out there lol. I'm indian and yes I masturbate, and most indian girls I know do too. We don't openly talk about it because most we were raised to view sex and all things related to be private. I think its a cultural thing, and depends girl the girl and where she grew up.

Do Indian women masturbate? – Ahmedabad Mirror

I hope that helps: I live abroad, but most of my female cousins that I talk to live in India do too. I don't think you can generalize a whole group like that I'm sure some do just like other women. I'm an Indian guy and Masturbate masturbate, if that helps and I'm pretty sure everybody at school does I live in the uk but with a lot of minorities. Just because they're Indians, doesn't mean they don't masturbate.

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