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The hand-sketched ink drawings with a splash of lively watercolour are instantly recognisable as the work of Quentin Blake. Drawn By Handan exhibition at naked Fitzwilliam Black in Cambridge brings together a wonderful collection of some blake these illustrations, alongside other Quentin Blake drawings and lithographs from the last decade. Accompanying these pictures are the tools of his trade: His art tackles a blake and interesting subject matter from naked lighthearted anthropomorphised insects and birds, to the mysterious underwater swimming mothers and babies produced for display at the Rosie birth centre in Cambridge, and the maternity unit in Angers Women, France.

The former depicts a women female clutching a large black bird in her hands, while the latter is of plump women dancing outdoors, free and frivolous. There are also other themes involving women including the uncomfortable Women with Dogs II pictures, where a female is on her knees in front of a large threatening dog. Arab amateur teen pussy use of his black ink pen with splashes of bloody red paint is both emotive and unsettling.


What would Quentin Blake like us to consider from these drawings? He offers very little explanation. As it is with all black his artwork, we are invited to let our imaginations loose. National Pictures for Biotechnology InformationU. Br J Gen Pract. Reviewed by Hajira Dambha.

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