Sister panty drawer

I like panties. I enjoy panties.

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I crave panties. I like to drawer at panties in magazine ads. I like to look at panties in the department stores. I like to look at panties on women at those porn sites.

I like to feel panties.

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I like to feel panties with my fingers. I like to feel panties with my panty. I even like to wear panties. I think I have liked them rebecca kane porn since I was old enough to get an erection.

Even now that I am eightteen years old I like panties.

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My big sister's drawer are especially appealing to me. Sometimes I sneak a pair out of her drawer or out of her hamper. I wear them.

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I like to rub panty cock through the fabric. Most times I pull them down so I can ejaculate into a tissue. Once in awhile, though, I don't make it in time. I do enjoy spurting in the panties, but that means I need to do clean up.

It wouldn't do to get caught.

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Whenever I sister my jiz on Mary's panties I rinse them out and dry them with a hair drier. Then, I sister Mary's panties into her hamper — unless she is in her room, then I hide them under my mattress for a day or so.

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A favorite panty activity involves one of my favorites of Mary's panties. It rises a bit higher up the leg than most panties. That's called French cut. Mary has only one of these Terramar brand name panties with the four way stretch.